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24 Day Challenge Phase 1

A brief video explaining the first phase of the 24 Day Challenge, the Cleanse Phase.


24 Day Challenge Phase 2

Phase 2, the Max Phase of the 24 Day Challenge, plus a second video showing some possible Add-ons to make the 24 Day Challenge even more effective.  Be sure to get back to the person that sent you to this site for more information on what will be the best options for you!

Need Help?

For additional help, shoot us an email at to request our direct phone number.  Thanks!

Team Audacity Cleanse Food Guide

Hey everyone, remember this is a help guide not the all consuming list of what you can have on the Cleanse.  If you have some good ideas as well, please let us know by email: God Bless!

Cleanse Overview

24 Day Challenge Food Guide

24 Day Challenge Meal Ideas

Additional Meal Ideas

Everything You Want to See to Start the 24 Day Challenge

24 Day Challenge Assessment Form

24 Day Challenge Quick Start Phase 1(Cleanse Phase)

24 Day Challenge Quick Start Phase2(Max Phase)